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I am heading to Asia to meet other makers

Rice terraces north of Ubud, Tegelalang, Bali

I am on the plane heading to Asia to meet other makers building online businesses. Working solo growing your online businesses leaves you spending many hours on your own, trying to solve problems that no one else has. That can feel quite lonely and often demotivating.

You can of course talk to people for topics unrelated to work, but it is not the same. There is something in talking about the things you are passionate about, the problems you are going through with others that can relate and understand them.

Working a 9to5 job, you get to spend a good time with others doing the same job as you, or work on the same project as you. You get to go through the same problems with others, you talk about it with them, it feels better. By default, you share a good chunk of your time together, and share a lot of your lives in common because of this. People get to cheer each other up and motivate them through tough times. Working for yourself though is not like that. You end up spending a lot of hours on your own, working on problems that might be unique to your business at a given time.

On the bright side, it is now easier than ever to connect with other like-minded people, through social media or online communities. Despite that, technology does come close to face to face communication. I have been having video calls and chats with other makers online and it is great but often times those few moments of chat or hours of calls is not enough.

It is hard to talk about a topic that most people are not familiar with. This seems to be a common pattern among makers online. Those people are passionate about what they do, they do want to hangout with other people that are building their own things, but other like-minded people are not nearby.

Because of this, I am heading to Bali, Indonesia for a few months. I have seen quite a few people gathering there from the online communities I am part of and I would love to meet. No expectations.